Motor mount reiforcment problems

Hi all,

I recently had a motor mount installed on my FS and was told that the wood reinforcement block fiber glassed in the hull was fully saturated with water. This is quite concerning as a lot of stress will be placed here while the motor is running. Has anyone else ever had this issue before? How did you resolve it? Thanks

FS 4082

I am no expert, but I gotta believe that you have some pretty significant work to do here to fix that problem. I would be concerned about losing the motor.

You have to find and fix the source of the water. Then the water soaked piece should be cut out and removed. And a new one put back in and glassed in.


vero beach

I talked to the factory they said that is was probably caused by the boat being stored with bow up and the drain hole getting blocked. This caused a build up of water in there which eventually led to the block becoming saturated. Its not going to be to hard to repair just chisel out the old block and glass in a new one.

FS 4082