I own FS 3709 and just found a soft spot on the deck just above the port stanchion/chainplate. Does anyone know exactly how the stanchion is embedded? I know I can remove the foam under the seat to see this area, but I'm curious if anyone has any feed back before I make the mess. I believe the plate is glassed in along the top of the hull and not just from the deck. My fear is that my next sail might see the plate on my port side failing and pulling out of the deck!

Any feedback greatly appreciated,


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The chainplates are fiberglass into the hull. The deck goes over the chainplate. The chainplate shouldn't come out. I would contact Flying Scot, Inc. for advice on how to fix the deck area. The balsa/wood core will need to be cut out and replaced. Then reglassed and the area around the chaninplate sealed.

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