Lifting Bridle

My boat is not equiped with a lifting Bridel. I am going to order one from flying Scot. What parts do I need and How do I install them?


Lifting bridles are temporarily installed when lifting the boat with a crane.

The bolt of the bridle goes through the hole in the tabernacle (port-starboard direction) and the other end clips to the hole of metal band that is attached at the end of the center board. Your boat should have those already.

Not the best pictures but in this first one you can see the hole on both sides of the tabernacle right under the deck:

And here you see just the top part of the metal band peaking up at the bottom of the photo:

(Click on the images for a larger view.)

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Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

Order the lifting bridle from FS Inc.

The big bolt goes across the stanchion, just behind and below the mast. The bridle goes up and over the boom, which is in the boom crutch, centered on the boat. It then attaches with a shackle to a tab that is on the back of the centerboard trunk.

The hoist hook goes on the ring in the middle. Taking it off the trailer is easy, disconnect and up you go. To put it back on the trailer, lower the boat until it almost touches the trailer. Get the trailer winch lined up and snug up the winch. As the boat is lowered, be sure to center the trailer under the boat, so it lands perfectly centered on the rollers.

You put the bridle on only when you are using it. I have seen people leave the bolt in, and roll it up and leave in the stanchion.

Have fun,

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

I was not able to download the pictures thanks to both of you for the info.........