Tektite LED Navigation Lights

I've been looking for nav lights for some summer night sailing. Has anyone tried the Tektite LED lights?

Hi : I do not know the name of the lights I purchased last summer at West Marine ? They are LED port & starboard ligts attached to one housing . I use a small piece of shock cord to attach the unit to the front of the mast (facing the Bow ). When on the first night sail using my new lights , I asked the boats around me if they could see my navigation lights? . They work very well & can be seen by other boaters . I always use a flash light on my main & keep a backup flash light & several batteries on board . For safety I always have a marine hand held VHF with me . Lots of luck ! Bill billsails@hotmail.com

I purchased the Tektite LED's. Went for our first night sail last Saturday. The light's were great. They are bright and I had no concerns about being seen by other boaters. It was a new experience being out on the lake at night. Wind was a perfect 6-8 mph. Used the suction cup for the stern light and had an extra light for the front of the mast when we dropped sail and motored back. That was my main concern, when under power because then I must be lit to regulation.

Thanks for your input Bill.