Hitch question.

I don't have a FS yet but I'm wondering what the height for the ball should be to keep a Scot trailer level for towing. I need to buy a draw bar for my receiver hitch and may as well get the right one for the job.


This question would depend somewhat on which trailer you get. The trailex aluminum trailers ride lower and the galvanized trailers ride higher.

I am sure that this question has been posed to Harry and Dee at FS Inc, as people need to have a hitch to bring their new boats home from Deep Creek.

I would call them.

By the way, the top surface of the ball mount, where the ball bolts in, is 11-1/2 inches from the ground on mine, the top of the ball is at about 14 inches, and it tows fine with a 1985 TeeNee Galvanized trailer. This was the stock Scot trailer at that time. Many used boats of similar vintage have this trailer. The current galvanized trailer seems very similar in height.

If you are wondering about tow vehicles, the Scot follows our Toyota Sienna minivan very well.

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I am looking at a used trailer (galv. steel) the length is fine (20.5') but it may be a little wide - 86" between fenders, 102" outside.  The Scot is 84" so it can sit lower in the bed - which is probably better.  Do you think that's too wide?  It seems that most Scots at their widest point hang over the fenders.  Trying to get the dimensions of the aluminum trailers.

I figured a ball height of 17" for my aluminum Trailex trailer and the 4x8 folding trailer that I have. I'm not sure off hand if that's what it ended up as. I could check.

The one thing I noticed is that you don't want a huge drop with your ball mount. The build in hitch receivers of the new Ford Explorers are way to high that you need an extreme drop. 6" was just not nice all over. The trailer handling does get worse if you have such a huge drop asides that it's hard to find such ball mounts. I ended up installing another hitch under the build in one. More info can be found at my personal website.

To determine the height of the ball that you'll need for your trailer, just lift the trailer up so it's flat with the ground and measure the height that the ball would need to be at. Then figure out the height of your hitch receiver and calculate in the measurements for the ball. The difference will decide the drop or raise that the ball mount needs. Remember you can flip the mounts to get a drop or raise as needed.

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Thanks for the responses. I'll be towing with a 2WD Tacoma with a hidden hitch installed. Being below the bumper it looks like I don't need much (if any) drop.

Too many variables to say your trailer ball height shall be "x inches" ...tire size, four wheel drive versus two, etc.

The trailer should be fairly close to level when hooked up to your tow vehicle.


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