Halyard and Shroud Maint.

When I launched my Scot after a long Summer storage (I live in Florida). There was the start of corrosion on the halyards and wire shrouds. Any suggestions on what to do to prevent this happening again? Wipe with an oil soaked rag? Or is there a better coating?



Buy some CorrosionX or Boesheild T-9, which is usually available at West Marine or an aircraft supply store. Cleand everything, let it dry, then apply a SMALL spritz of CorrosionX or Boesheild to the winch spools and then the spooled halyards.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your halyards are older and showing any trouble, you should buy replacements from Flying Scot Inc. They are cut to length with proper shackles swaged on, high quality, and priced great. It's not worth the hastle of a broken halyard for such low cost minimal expense.

- Rinse the heck out of the winch box. The spools under the wire will be starting to corrode if the wires are showing signs.

- Unspool the halyards to stops, then rinse the heck out of the winch box. Clean with a mini wire bruch (brass wire) or scour pad.

If you are feeling industrious, you can also mix a baking soda paste and scrub it on the winch spools ...rinse again. The baking soda will neutralize and stop corrosion.

- Once everything is clean and dry, spritz the anti-corrosion stuff on the winch spools. Wind up the halyards and put a VERY SMALL spritz of anti-corrosion on the halyards.

FS 5804

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