Core Repair - supporting the boat


I am going to replace about 40% of my core this spring. In doing so, how should I support the boat while doing the job? do it on the trailer?

I replace 100 % of the floor core on one side of my boat this fall and will be doing the other side in the spring. It is not difficult but it is time consuming and you will itch. You want to support the keel of the boat. If your trailer has keel rollers then you could probably leave the boat on the trailer. I took mine off the trailer and built a cradle that had support along the entire keel. Keep one side of the floor intact and keep your weight on the intact side with the floor. Once you have made the repair to one side you can switch to the other. I got this info directly from Harry Carpenter at Flying Scot.


This sounds like a question for Harry at Flying Scot. He is always glad to answer.

My bet would be that you need to invert the boat, unless you can find special antigravity resin. The good thing is that if the boat is supported at the right height, you can stand on the workshop floor, head up inside the boat to do the work.

Don't forget to remove the centerboard before you turn her upside down.

Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate. Or drive the boat to Deep Creek and let the crew at FS Inc do their magic. There is some rough pricing shown on this page:

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Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

If it the floor that you are repairing then you definitely want to make the repair from the inside. You can obtain the specifications from Flying Scot or I can scan it and send you the information via email. The rot will be more widespread than you anticipate. I did the entire floor. The first side took about 40+ hours but the second took about 20 hours since I knew what I was doing. I am happy to share whatever information that I can to ensure your success.


If it's really the port "deck" along the cockpit, then I would think you will have to work from the top. Access to the underside of the deck, even with the foam removed, would be very difficult. I am in the middle of replacing the starboard aft deck balsa (old boom crutch design) from the bottom and it is difficult enough. I can't imagine getting at the side decks.

I remember reading about a J-24 deck repair and the author (a pro I believe) worked from the top. It looked liked the fairing was a bit of a chore, but it can be done...

Here is my blog on replacing the floor.