"The Pole" and "The Palm"

I sail my Scot in the winter cause I am down here in Florida. I love to tinker on my boat to make sailing easier and better. During the early summer I read about these two devices, but I was unable to try them until returning to FLA.

I like them both! The work well.

The pole and palm can be read about in detail by doing a search here.

The pole is used to roll the sail up at the end of the day by one person (or more if available), it works good and you simply bungie it to the boom and put on your cockpit cover. I find it much easier than trying to flake the sail and I think it is much better for the sail too, rolled not folded.

The palm is a SS ring on bungie the keeps the main sheet from fouling on the motor or transom corners. It too works well and look better than the traveler line I had previously used.

Thanks to bigpapaporsche for bringing these to our attention!


Vero Beach, FL

I am glad that you finally got a chance to use these two items that make sailing the FS so much easier.
I have a few more items, but can't put any pictures of them on my computer yet.

Hi ; i understand your description of the "pole" for storing the mainsail after sailing (sounds good ). You lost me on the" palm" . I need a pix or a better description of what it looks like & how & where it is attached inorder to keep the main sheet from getting caught on the transome . Please advise ! Thanks, Bill billsails@hotmail.com

The link to the pictures of the legendary "Palm device" seem to be broken.  Any updated pointer?  Googling does not seem to help.Thanks in advance,Mike 

I just installed the "Palm" on "In The Air", FS381. It works SWEEEEET!

As far as the "Pole" idea is concerned, I took my spinnaker pole, attached a shackle to the top clew of the sail and then to the middle bracket of the spinnaker pole (you know, the one for the top lift)and then rolled the sail on that and then lashed it to the boom. It also worked extremely well.

Thanks for the idea.

Bonny & Doug Smith