Hull number question

I finally went to look at a Flying Scot and have a question about reading the hull number. Would you read it from the port or starboard side?

The number on the centerboard cap is either #999 or #666. The present owner seems very sure it was built in 1965 and looking here on the forums 666 would be more likely for that year. The number on the sail is 999 but I wouldn't be surprised if a former owner replacing the sail inverted the number to be less ominous 20 or 30 years ago. Did they make over 350 Flying Scots in '65?

The number won't change my buying the boat or not but it might give me a bit of fun picking a name [}:)]

Thanks in advance for any information!

On my boat the Hull number/sail number is read from bow to stern from the port side.It's not the "hull number" which is found on the upper starboard side of the transom, its the boat/sail number.[:)]


Thanks for the info Bruce. A Flying Scot looks like the perfect 2nd boat to satisfy my club racing itch. This was the first one I've had a chance to look at.

666 sounds like a devilishly fun number.

We have number 520 and 570 in our club and 520 still wins races regularly. 570 just arrived via Ebay and is getting ready to race.

I presume 666 is a Douglass? Early Scots can still go very fast.

Have fun with it...

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086