trailer maintenance

It's getting increasingly difficult to winch my Scot onto the trailer, so it's definitely time to pay a little attention to the rollers on the trailer and the winch.

Any recommendations on lubricants to use?

Thanks for any help!


Knowing your trailer, I would advise you to consider replacing the winch. As for the rollers, I've had success using WD40. In fact, I've used WD40 all over the trailerwith good results.

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I would recommend two lubricants: Silicone Spray on the rollers to condition them (this works very well and extends the life of rollers) and secondly I use PBBlaster (any automotive store will carry this) on the roller shafts. It is a little bit heavier than WD40 ant will provide long lasting lubrication. WD40 works too, but it is somewhat lightweight and wears off quicker.

If you have a hard time getting the Scot to push back on the trailer, most likely the roller closest to the stern is binding. I would focus on this first and then as the other post said you should always make sure that the winch is in good working order (I lube mine almost every time I use it).

Some Hints: The mechanical advantage of all the winches is greatest as you start to winch the boat onto the trailer.. The diameter of rope building up on the winch shaft is the least when you start. If you have any excessive rope on the winch then shorten the rope. Thus as the rope builds up on the shaft the mechanical advantage decreases and it is difficult to get the boat to move that last inch or two. On many trailers the winch is too low and at that last inch or two the rope is pulling down at too steep an angle and looses more mechanical advantage. Also, on a steep ramp it is not nescessary to pull the boat all the way onto the trailer. You can pull the boat to about a foot or two from the final position and drive the car up the ramp to a flatter spot and then pull the boat fully onto the trailer when the rig is horizontal. Good luck.