Unofficial Flying Scot Web Site

Does anyone know what happened to Fields Gunsett's Unofficial Flying Scot Web Site? The link still works, but it doesn't go all the way to his site.

Flying Scot #1087

Site appears to be down or blocked for some reason by AT&T

You can find a copy of it at the internet archive. It is slow, but at least you can get to the content.

I think it was due to a hard drive crash. It was a good site so I hope it gets turned back on.

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I am contacting the Unofficial" site's owner to find out the status.

FSSA Forum editor

Great news! [^]

Thanks, I got a lot out of the site when I was refurbishing and improving the rigging on my boat. Thanks Fields!

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

I, too, found this website extremely helpful while refurbishing FS381 and refer to it quite often. Thank you, Fields, for putting it back up on the web.

Bonny & Doug Smith

Fields - Your site is wonderful for the detailed descriptions and photos. I wish there was more archive photos / descriptions (past & present) like this available.