Centerboard Line

I can not get my centerboard all the way up and down without re-rapping the winch. I would like to replace the centerboard winch line....How long would should I make it?

What size line should I use?

What is your experience with the Harken 360 degree Centerboard Cleat. Seems like a great addition for solo sailing. I am thinking that I would like to add that in the future

Any thought would be helpful- Thank you

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I would think that you should make the line exactly as long as original. If you're not sure, use plenty of line and let the centerboard all the way down and then mark it there and add some. The Flying Scot store sells the new line - "Centerboard line - 1/4” X 40’ #630250" for $24.40.

I just have a jam cleat which is on the starboard side of the centerboard trunk - factory issue and it works great for me.

I think this is a picture of the rig with the cleat you speak about:

And here it is on the Flying Scot website:

Is this how they're doing them nowadays?

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quote:[i]Originally posted by JHS[/i]
[br]Is this how they're doing them nowadays?

Yes. The photo shows a Waco 360 with a Harken cleat. This is the standard rig for Flying Scots.

Note that only one 360 degree swivel cleat (that can actually swivel 360 degrees in operation) is allowed on a Scot. Most, though not all boats, use up that allowance for the centerboard.

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The centerboard line has been replaced on my boat and I do not have the orginal. I didn't see the "Centerboard line - 1/4” X 40’ #630250" on the website. I like the idea of using 40' and cutting to length.
The Harken 360 is exactly the one I was looking at.

Thank you for the help!!! you guys are great!

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It's there. Go to the Flying Scot website and click "order parts on line" and take it from there. Additionally I see that in the handbook the recommended length is 36'

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Thanks guys.....40 ft allows me to work the winch solo or with a crew....huge up grade! thanks again!

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Somewhat related to this---I replaced my wire centerbord pennant with one made from Kevlar four years ago. It was quite simple to do. Just splice an eye in the part that is secured by the shackle on the forward end of the cenerboard trunk. The eye will pass very easily through the sheave at the top of the board whenever you need to remove or re-install it. It has held up well and I've made a few for other people--all working fine, as far as I know.

I used the Kevlar line (3/16 AmSteel Blue from Samson)for two reasons. First, no "meathooks" to snag gear or crew. The other reason was hearing a story (and having it personally confirmed) about a Scot sailor who lost a finger tip after getting caught between the wire and sheave. It would still hurt with the Kevlar, but hopefully not end so badly.