Anyone know of a model of the FS

i'm interested in something for the my desk at work?

Sorry. I don't know of any but I would be interested as well. I think something like this would be great to have. If I ever find anything I will let you know.

I sent and email to Harry Carpenter - maybe he knows of one. I owuld love to have one too.

Diane Kampf, Fleet 76, New England
Massapoag Yacht Club
Sharon, MA

Having just one model made at a time for anyone of us would be expensive (guessing from $1,000 plus and detail desired based on some basic internet research). However if a production of a fair number were ordered the price can dramatically drop. Further, how about using this as a fundraiser for the development of the class? The nomimal "profit" could go to a class development fund. The Lightning class recently has sponsored grants for juniors and collegiate racing teams using donated refurbished boats. Do you think the Association would approve and commission a run of model boats (50-100 qty.)? This idea could also extend to framed antiqued "blue prints" of the Flying Scot. I guess a Scot blue print was on the back of the NAC t-shirts this year. Is this feasible?


Sounds like a great idea Deep Creek