Trailer Hubs

I have some problems with the runout of a wheel on my trailer. There appears to be some 'wobble'. My first reaction was to swap the rim/tire assuming I had a bent rim. That didn't work. Next I disassembled the wheel bearing, inspected the races, repacked and reinstalled (properly tightened). I have worked on wheel bearings before and I am pretty sure they are set correctly.

There is still a wobble. Now I am thinking either bad hub or bent axle shaft - I would like to get some input for other Forum Members - thanks in advance!

I would remove the hub and check the surface the races are riding on. You can get a fairly accurate idea of the trueness of the surface with a feeler guage. If the surface of your axle is true, odds are that it's the hub. Start witht the easiest, least expensive part first (depending on your trailer and axle can be costly). I completely rebuilt my 1976 Sterling trailer two seasons ago and have had no problems at all; towed it back and forth to mid-winters from VA - FL. Depending on how old your trailer is and how many miles are on the hubs, you may want to change them anyway. I found new hubs at for much less that at either marine or trailer suppliers. I use bearing buddies, keep them full of grease and tow all over the south east.


Thanks for the help. Great website, much less costly compared to the local marine supply stores. I am planning on ordering hub assemblies and replacing them this fall.