Thinking of buying a FS need information

Hi all,

I'm considering buying FS #4082. I'm going to look at it later today and would like to know a few thing before then if possible

First how do i determine the manufacture? People say Douglass Built boats are better than Customflex but I have no idea how to tell between the two

Second is what else should I check for besides the balsa core being sound?

Thanks in advance

Check out the used FS buying notes from Flying Scot.

Best advice that I can give is to 1) determine your needs and budget (time & money) and 2) survey the boat with a Flying Scot owner. While balsa integrity is the primary concern - sails, rigging, and bottom repairs can add up quickly.

Check out the trailer and don't forget the life jackets, seat cushions, bumpers, and the misc accessories.

There is a manufacturing tag centered on the cove of the transom. It will have the boat number and will identify the manufacturer. The boat number is also on the centerboard cap and other areas. If in doubt about the manufacturer, call Flying Scot Inc and Dee will help you.

[:D] Hope this helps - good luck!

FS 4957

I have 4086, which was built by Douglass in May of 1985, if I remember correctly. The builder tag on the rear edge of the cockpit will tell you if it is a Douglass.

Mine needed a bunch of work, and the posters are right, the "little things" can add up.

The serial number on the far right of the transom, can also tell you the builder and manufacture date, but not the boat number. GDB is the beginning of a douglass serial number. The boat number is on the centerboard trunk cap.

Have fun,

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

Thanks for the information,

I went to look at the FS and was very impressed by its condition. It is a 1984 Douglass built boat, It has no bottom paint and has been used in fresh water for most of its life. I checked the hull and deck and there was no signs of any problems. All of the rigging is in excellent condition. The main and jib are almost brand new and in very good condition. The spinnaker appears to be original but has had very little use.

One thing that was strange is the line to lower and raise the centerboard had been removed. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the line connects to the centerboard drum? I think it must just tie in the middle of the drum but I'm sure and couldn't find a picture to see. If anyone has a picture they could post that would be great.

Also the centerboard trunk cap is fiberglass instead of mahogany I was wondering if this was an option on the scot?


Flying Scot Inc has been the only builder since the 1980's. so any thing in the 4000's will be built by them. The Centerboard pennant is passed through the winch and tied to one of the pins forming the drum on the opposite side. This keeps the knot on the inside for smooth operation. The fiberglass CB trunk cap is standard equipment. You can make one or order the mahogany from the Factory if you want some wood. Call the factory to see if there is a history on the boat. Many boats were rebuilt following the disaster at the 2006 North Americans in Marblehead. Harry, Karen, Carrie and Dee are all very helpful.