Halyard Guide Tool

Hi. I’m wondering how others control their halyard as you are raising the sails. I think that it might be important to guide the wire as it rolls up on the drum. But based on previous experience with “meat hooks” on wire, I am uncomfortable using my fingers to guide the halyard.

Has anyone come up with a tool that does this job?


Peter Dubé

Vero Beach, FL

I always back the halyard off completely and with light finger pressure guide the halyard on the drum as much as possible.
If you are getting 'meathooks' (I never have) 1) the halyard needs replacing and 2) check the masthead sheavebox or jib halyard turning block for siezure. Excessive halyard tension or drawing the nicro-press into a fitting will do it also.

5257 is right... always pull the halyard completely off the spool and then it will usually align itself with only slight assistance as you hoist. Wear gloves if you are still concerned, but you shouldn't have meathooks in a new setup like yours.

OK, I had never backed it off completely, that is probably what I am doing wrong. I guess it is better to get a total new start in winding it up on the drum if it comes all the way off.