I have removed and refinished my stanchion and jib mounts (that was interesting) and would appreciate any recommendations as to the best type of epoxy to use when replacing them.

Thanks in advance.

I have always used West System for any and all marine repairs. You can get packets for small jobs and cans with pumps that measure the resin and hardener precisely, for big jobs.

Great stuff. Most marine stores carry it.


Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

Wade - What did you do with the centerboard when you removed the stanchion? Where you able to leave it in place or did you pull it out of the boat?


I braced the deck with a couple of 2x4's, tied a small line the center board and secured it at the top of the 2x4's which were wedged into place. I also eased the boat back a few inches on the trailor and allowed it to gentley rest on the center roller on the trailor. No real problems at all. I just made sure to stay out of the boat.

I rebuilt an old 505 with materials from US Composites (www.uscomposites.com). They had all the pumps and mixing gadgets that West does, but at a much better price.

Byron Jamerson
FS 4019