does anyone have advice for securing plastic baskets or bins under the bench seats of the Scot? I do not want to drill holes through the bench however. Any ideas would be welcomed. Pictures would be as well.

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I glued a 5 foot long strip of teak to the bottom directly under the edge of the seat. It is about half an inch high, just high enough to keep a plastic bin from sliding out. Costco carries a nice size bin for this purpose.

no other ideas out there?

An old issue of scots and water shows older style rubermaid laundry baskets. This is what I use. They are fastened with two plastic clips atteched with short ( appx 2 inch free length) shock chord at each end of the basket. There are a pair of plastic eye straps, similar to the ones the factory uses for tent type covers, attached to the very bottom of the seat. These eye straps are on the curved part of the seat bottom so that they do not project into the cockpit so that the crew will not bump their leg. Your first priority is to find an appropriate basket. My anchor fits in mine with one fluke pointing out of the basket, away from the crew side.. There are other fastening systems such as long shock chords that you have to pull against to gain entry to the basket. Good luck with the basket

The boat I bought used Rubbermaid Roughneck bins with lids under the seats. There was a small hole drilled on each handle to accomodate an S-hook from a bungee cord. The other end attached to a hook and webbing under the seat 45 deg. from the handles. The previous owner also had clips mounted under the seats for paddles, spinnaker pole, etc. along with some velco straps to keep items in the clips when the boat is jostled.


Or try hammocks under the seats if those will hold the gear you need to hold.


I don't need a lot of storage but I picked up a plastic bin at a dollar store and keep the anchor and line and a long dock-line in it. Also, you can do lots with velcro to hold things in place. A horizontal board under the foredeck might make a nice shelf if you have a lot of stuff. You can create supports on either side and let the board span between them. I wouldn't permanently glass in the board, however, as there may be some flex required there (but maybe not) but also so you can remove it.

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