Cleaning deck strips

Is there anything that will clean those rough deck strips? I've tried a few soaps and cleaners and even the material that you spray on shower stalls but nothing seems to cut that accumulated dirt. I've also tried working at it with a rough brush but nothing seems to work. They are a bit of an eye sore but I'm certainly not going to go to the trouble of replacing them just because they're dirty.

FS367 Chin up

Mine are dirty too.
I was going to try some SoftScrub (a mildly abrasive bathroom type cleaner) and a brush. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't vouch for effectiveness.

I've tried Softscrub but that didn't work either, at least on mine. I may try some Comet (powder) with a brush working carefully on only the strips and see what happens.

I was never able to clean tham but replacing them is an easy alternative, The old ones come off fairly easily with the heat of a hair dryer. (And some Goo-Gone for the residue.) The new ones are bright white and look great. Order from the factory

There is another alternative to the adhesive non-skid strips.

You can also tape off the area where you would like non-skid. Mix
boat paint (Awlgrip etc.) with non-skid grid (e.g. AL Oxide) and apply with a roller (4-6" roller)after sanding the area with 300 grid.

This produces a permanent solution, looks professional and it can be easily cleaned. It's a little more work but it will last a long time.

The paint-on solution sounds great and I was getting ready to re-tape but am glad I read this. Also, I think anything with bleach would help take the stains out of the tape - but be careful, do a test run in an inconspicuous place first. Comet left on stains for 5 minutes or so works wonders on many surfaces. Bleach, if used, should be mixed no stronger than 1 part bleach, two parts water but even that is strong. Maybe 20% bleach is all you need. Be careful with fumes, skin contact, etc. and NEVER combine with other cleaners (esp. w/ ammonia) - can be lethal.