Ripped Sail

I was on port tack, looked up and saw the 2nd batten down flapping wildly. The batten was still in the pocket, which has been ripped completely out of the sail. The batten pocket was still attached to the sail by the edge tape about ~6" down the leech from where the batten pocket used to be sewn. Winds were variable, gust to ~15. Sails have been stored indoors, without the batten installed, rolled into the main bag.

A couple questions,
Anyone ever experienced such a failure of a Schurr sail?
How/why would a a sail fail in such a location as a batten pocket?
Is the sail worth being repaired or would it now be of an age that that the sail is likely to fail again? Probably been sailed a total of 150-200 hours maximum.

If repairable, a simple patch job or maybe remove the entire panel from which the batten pocket failed? (luff to leach panel that seems to parallel the batten pocket position.

This Schurr main sail has always been stored, battenless, rolled up, and indoors
Sail used for two years sailing in TX and FL's intense sunshine.

Your thoughts/ideas are appreciated.

I just got Schurr Sails so hope it is not a manufacturing defect. Call Schurr. I did when I had certain problems with my new sail and the owner was extremely helpful and eager to please. High on service. On an older sail, I had a similar problem but mine was due to tension from the batton that finally poked through the material. Talk to Schurr. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Batten pockets are high stress areas and it is common to have to restitch them as a sail ages. High winds and/or flogging the sail will speed the wear.

Any sailmaker could repair it.