Spinnaker rigging

New owner of 78 Douglas and never rigged the (or a) spinnaker nor did the owner but looks like all lines, sail and riggings are in place.
Is there a step/step instruction with photos on how to rig? Mast is already up... I assume we need to take it back down to put up the halyard? Many thanks.

Aloha- Rex

unless you can shimmy up the mast, you will need to bring it down to thread the spinnaker halyard. There are many setups out there for spinnaker rigging. We have an older (non-optimal) setup, so maybe it is something like yours. In addition to the block on the mast for the halyard, there is also one for the spinnaker topping lift. There are two blocks far back on the aft deck for the spinnaker guy and sheet. These lines run from the clew and tack of the sail back to the rear of the aft deck after guy (windward line) runs through a hook that uses a tounge-depresser like contraptions to hold it in. The sheet (leeward line) goes straight from the sail to the aft deck. From the rear, the lines then go around a block about amidships and then to a cam cleat. Though, again, this is our setup. You may see something different!

Hopefully I got all the terminology right.