Replacing the Jib Racket mounting blocks

What is the best way to remove these blocks? Do I have to remove the floatation from under the seats or can I just unscrew them?

Boat numbers under approx 4000 have bolts, over 4000 have screws. This makes the boats over 4000 easy.

On the pre 4000 boats, you need to get past the foam. This topic has been explored in detail on the forum. Use the search function.

Also Harry at FS Inc can give you info and encouragement.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

Thank you! I did try the search but am new to the forum and will try again. I just missed the "cut off". I am restoring boat 3639 and she is starting to look beautiful!

Thank you!

I did this a few years ago. I cut the fiberglass strap at the rear that holds the foam in. With a hacksaw blade and holder I cut the foam directly under and just a bit forward of the block location. I slid the foam aft and was able to get at the nuts at the end of the screws. shove the foam forward when you are done. I had some looseness in the fiberglass strapping and was able to overlap the strapping where I cut it and fasten the two parts together with a nut and bolt and washers sandwiching everything together. I also replaced the 3/4 inch mahogony wood block with a 1.25 inch thick block. My cleats are on the seat coming and the extra height of the wood block made for a much easier release and cleating. Have Fun. Gabor Karafiath