Rudder lift kit

I am thinking of installing the rubber lift kit . Has anyone had experience with it .... is it easy to add to the rudder and does it truly aid in lifting the rubber quickly?

Thanks and any help

I have installed the kit and like it very much......the purpose of the shock chord is to lower the blade from the cockpit.......the instructions are easy to follow and involves drilling a few holes ...Steve Ungberg #820

I installed the kit with great ease and am very happy with its performance.

John McLaughlin
Customflex #1554

Me too.

I like mine!

I installed it and love it.

I improvised my own version several years before FS marketed a kit and I'm very happy with it. If they had one available then I certainly would have bought it as sailing on the Great South Bay off Long Island I often run into patches of weeds that can really slow things down.

R. Lewis
FS 367 Chin up