Is there an easy way to tell if your FS is Loose-Snug, or Tight Rigged? I know the Jib sail is cut differently, depending on which rig you have, but is there a way to tell by measuring the Jib, point-to-point I think our boat is a Loose Rig Scot, but I would really like to be sure. The previous owner brought new sails, about 4 years ago, but I don't know what which cut Jib he got. I need to know for sure, so I can set up the boat correctly. Can I call the sail manufacture? Is there such thing as a sail serial number etc?

I actually wrote Greg Fisher at North after I bought my used boat with used sails ... here's what he said:

If it was made in the last 4 years or so it will have a little LR, TR or SR by the North logo near the tack on the starboard side in digital letters. If it is older than that we hadn't started making the Snug rig jib so it mist be either the tight or loose rig.
There you can tell the difference by looking at the top batten and the angle it makes to the leech. The tight rig jib has a good deal more "poke" ( projection -area) than the loose rig.

That help?


I would think that an issue would be how to tell if a boat is built or rigged with a particular tension in mind. Is this tension something that is built into the hull (eg where or how long the chainplates are?) or is it how the boat's rigging is adjusted, or is it just the cut of the sails?

The sail, particularly the jib, is cut based on the rig tension that is preferred. North has Tight, Snug and Loose. Seems like most other sailmakers choose a tension and tell you in their tuning guide what to set it at. I have North Snug rig and like them.

In addition, you can tune tighter for unruly wind, and looser for light air, with the snug and loose rigs.

The boat can be set up for any of them. With loose, the jib halyard tensions the jib luff, which actuates the toggle in the bow. With snug and tight the toggle is "pegged" to one end of its travel.

Keep in mind that the mast rake is equally important.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

I also asked Greg from North Sails and got this response:
quote:The best way to verify what you have is to measure across the seam directly below the top batten- luff to leech. If it is very close to 38" it is a snug jib if it is closer to 40" it is tight and if it is more like 35" it is a loose rig.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

Thanks for the measurements. I thought that someone would have the exact measurements. I'll measure mine today. I think it is a loose rig, but now I'll 100%.