Fleet activity/maintenance

I was lucky enough to purchase FS 4278 from a guy who did all the required routine maintenance and enjoyed keeping his boat shipshape! I wanted to remove the anti fouling bottom paint, he had applied, but I wasn't looking forward to doing the job. The most challenging and intimidating aspect of the job was getting the boat off the trailer, on its side, and back on the trailer. The actual paint stripping was no big deal. I read all the info, I could find on the subject of "How to turn the boat over on land," as well as rising the mast single handed, and decided to gave it a try. I was encouraged by what the FS fleet at the "LNYC" does. They have a day they call "Roll over day." This is a day the FS fleet gets together and assists each other in routine maintenance items. I understand that they remove their boats from the trailer, roll them over to inspect the center board gasket, and replace it, if necessary, and then buff the hull. This sounded like a great Fleet activity! This gave me the encouragement to get started on my project. Space limits me on going into actual details, but I can tell you the job wasn't as hard as I expected. All you need to do is follow the removal/rollover techniques found in Scot N Water and other sources. I was able to do the complete job in about 12-15 hours, completely and safely, by myself. Now, I have a very smooth hull that looks much better. I haven't been under sail yet, but I did notice that the boat will lean over much easier at the dock when you step onto the deck! I have concluded that this is because there is less hull surface friction with the water.This should translate into greater boat speed under sail! I want to thank the "LNYC" for their inspiration and Fleet Building ideas, I want to start a simialr program with our FS fleet in Cincinnati.
We went sailing this weekend, for the first time this year, and really enjoyed the new smooth bottom, without the anti fouling paint. We were shocked at the difference this made!! On a scale of 1-10, I would rate it a 10, huge change!! The boat would not only roll much earier when you stepped on the deck, first hint, but more importantly, the boat would speed up much easier/faster! It performed like a different boat! I am glad I spent the effort to remove the bottom paint and polish the hull.