Matching Orange Gelcoat

I just bought an early 80's Flying Scot with an orange hull. I need to do some gelcoat repair. What is the best way to get a decent match to the orange gelcoat? Do I need to use one of the kits that come with colors mix it myself?

Anyone know where I can buy gelcoat in orange?


Orange is a very subjective term. Unless you can get the factory to tell you how to mix it, you are probably on your own in mixing colors. Even then, fading, etc have changed the boat color.

How big an area do you have to do? Is it a big patch, or scratch repair/filling old hardware holes?

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

I have never used them, but a google search on "custom gelcoat matching" turned up this:

Might be more fun than trial and error.


Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

Thanks for the link. The only problem is they need a 1" by 1" sample to make the match. If I can find a chip from a paint store that is close, I may be in business. I will also call Flying Scot and see what they can do.

Thanks again!