Storage for paddles & poles

As anyone come up with a good method of storing their paddles & poles so they don't roll around inside the cockpit. I am thinking of making some wood brackets out of mahogany to mount the paddles & poles to the sides of the C/B trunk, using heavy duty double stick tape. The purpose of doing this is two fold. First, is the practical side. These brackets will keep these items stowed nicely, thereby preventing them from rolling around on the floor causing a safety issue when the boat heels and your foot slips on them. Additionally, they will be very accessible, something that they are not now. Secondly, I hope these mahogany brackets will lend some addtional charm to the inside of the cockpit, by complementing the mahogany C/B cap. I have already stained our paddles mahogany so they should also stand out. I plan on mounting one paddle on each side on the trunk, with the Spinnaker pole on the Port side and the Whisker Poles & Dock Pole on the Starboard side.

I just slide my paddle, forward under the bow flotation bag, which sits up under the foredeck. The flat blade is held in place nicely by the air pressure in the bag, and it has stayed there through a capsize and recovery. I always put it on the port side, so I always know where it is.

I drilled a 1/4" hole in the cockpit coaming on both sides, about 6" inches outboard of the tabernacle.

I then put small loops of line in these holes, which hang down about 6 inches below the coaming. The front end of the pole is in the bow, near the toggle and the spinnaker pole hooks on these loops. I have the pole from FS inc with the RWO plastic end fittings, so I am not worried about chewing up the inside of the boat with the end that sits against the fiberglass inside the bow. The old pole that came with my boat, which had stainless steel ends, and was quite heavy would have chewed the boat.

This arrangement keeps the pole and paddle out of the cockpit area. The pole is forward, where the crew can easily get it ready. The only time we use the paddle is when docking, or when the wind dies completely. In either case, if the paddle is needed, the conditions are pretty light, so the speed with which one needs to get the paddle is usually not urgent. The boat is moving pretty slowly.

It was also very easy:

Slide paddle between hull and bow bag= 2.2 seconds

Drill two holes in coaming= 30 seconds per hole

Tie two loops of 3/16" line for spinnaker pole = 1 minute each

More time to sail = priceless

Have fun,

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

I installed Perko spring clamps under the bottom lip of the seats. The clamps come in 2 sizes for small and large diameters (5/8" to 1-1/4" and 1" to 1-3/4"). The spin pole tucks under the forward half of the starboard seat and extends partly under the bow. My paddle is held under the rear part of the starboard seat. I have the boom crutch under the rear of the port seat.

I made up 3/4" spacer blocks about 5" long that fit in the molded contour of seat lip from behind, which mount the spring clamps using oval head s/s through bolts with fiber lock nuts. This installation keeps everything within reach and off the floor.

Glen Krapf (2101, Sayville, NY)

hello! I know it is a very old post... I want to do the same and was hoping that you could post images in response to this please. Hoping that you still have this solution in place. Especially interested to hear please from Glen Krapf (gkrapf) and bigpapaporsche. Thank you!

Oleg, Newer Scots have bungie cord mounted under the foredeck on the port side. There is one length strung further aft on underside of the foredeck and one further forward. This forms a set of slings which hold my paddle and boat pole.

Here are several pictures of what I finally came up with to improve the storage on our boat, while also giving the cockpit a little more charm and warmth. I hope they are self explanatory


The under seat brackets, mounted under both port and starboard seats, provided a very convenient method of keeping my Dock Pole and Palm Pole stored under the starboard seat, while the Boom Crutch is stored under the port seat while sailing. These items no longer roll around on the floor.

I found a way to store our custom paddles, one, on either side of the center board trunk, by making mahogany brackets.

These really work well! Not only to they add some more wood to the interior of the cockpit, which was an objective, but they also locate the paddles closer to where the skipper or crew are, so they can be reacher easier. I remember how hard it was trying to find the paddles under the front deck's bow bag, no more!

I included a picture of our custom mahogany Center Board cap, note the board runs horizontal along the top, and extends downward. Again more wood.

The Spinnaker Pole and Whisker Pole bracket will be posted shortly! The pictures show the first version of the spinnaker pole holder. I made another version that holes both the Spinnaker Pole and the Whisker Pole, one on top of the other,similar to an over & under shot gun. Revised pictures soon.

Here are some pictures of the final Spinnaker/Whisker Pole bracket I made out of mahogany. The top pole is the Spinnaker, bottom is the Whisker Pole.

Note the clear plastic tubes that run under the forward deck. The small white line, next to the bracket is the Jib Down Haul line. Also included is the Compass/Inclination Scale mounting pad. Remember the objective was to add more wood inside the cockpit, while also improving the functionality and safety of the boat. The compass is a Plastimo, "Tactical Mini C." I like the added warmth of the additional wood, and the nautical look of the compass. Any questions, call Pat 513 891 5112.

Thanks for posting the pictures of your storage ideas/solutions. A quick question. How did you attach the seat hangers, and the forward hanger for the pole?

Thanks again!

I used 3M's 5200 (white) to secured all the under seat/deck brackets. I used the 5200 to glue mounting blocks under the seats/decks, and then screwed the brackets to the blocks. All the other brackets are screwed into the stanchion.