Repairing Bottom

I have a 60's scot. The bottom is badly cracked and chiped. I could do the repairs my self if i could turn the boat over. How would I completely flip the boat over. If not does anyone have any suggestions for repairing the bottom of my boat. thank you

I read in more than one source that turning the boat over on land can damage the deck.

I rolled #38 over on her deck, placed her on a trailer upside down and extensively worked on the bottom. She was laying on three 2x4's, one across the cockpit by the back deck, one the center of the cockpit and on the forward edge by the mast. I walked, crawled, all over her without any damage to the deck whatsoever. I was very careful rolling her over and went slowly. Have a couple friends handy! Scots are very solidly constructed.

Andy Hayward

FS #38
Tampa, Fl

Be careful to use good foam pads to avoid point loading the hull. Fiberglass is extremely strong, but gelcoat does not like a big load applied over a small area. Using foam padding or moving blankets to provide some give will be very worthwhile.

I have also heard of people using the big sheets of stryrofoam insulation when turning the boat over, to provide some cushioning between that one rock you didn't see in the yard, and your Scot.

I turned mine on it's side to work on taking off bottom paint. I did one side, from centerline to waterline, then rolled the boat the other way to do the other side. I "launched" the boat onto the grass, from the trailer, and then used the mast to pull it over, with a line tied to the mast right above the shrouds.

Have fun,

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086