Locking new motor mount

FS has a new style motor mount. It comes off very easy by removing a quick pin. Im concerned about having my motor stolen. Is there a way to "lock" that motor mount onto the boat? I lock my motor to to the mount, but the mount comes off so easy ......

I have the old mount on my 2001 boat and used anchor chain run thru the motor Honda 2HP front handle and then thru the transome ring, then a Master hardened steel padlock. I drilled out the heads of the phillips screws so that someone can't simply unscrew the ring assembly. Yeah, I know, if someone wants the motor bad enough they can remove the ring etc somehow. I may just remove the motor altogether and just install it if cruising I will be cruising or on a long distance sail. Don't think I need it for routine daysailing and racing. Tell us what you decided.

I ended doing the same as you. Galvanized chain through the ring and back to the motor. I did not drill out the screw heads, yet anyway. Hopefully it will discourage most thieves. Thanks for the response.

I had the same concerns about someone stealing our new Honda 2HP motor. I have seen the new style mount and don't think it can be adapted to provide the same level of security as the old style mount. We solved our problem by doing three things. First, we bolted all the elements of the mount together using Anti Tamper Proof fasteners. I used two different sizes for a total of five individual lock nuts. These are similar to the anti theft nuts used on alloys wheels, and require a special key to remove them. These can be purchased from McGard, 1 800 444 5847 or 716 662 8980. You can request that MCGard key them all the same, each size will have its own key. They are not cheap, approximately $33.00 each. Secondly, we used a pad lock to secure the motor's lock tabs, and fabricated a custom welded plate to bolt the motor to the wood block on the mount. We even sandwiched an aluminum plate, expoxied between the wood boards, so someone couldn't saw the block in two. Lastly, we concealed the motor with a custom made motor cover to hide it from view. If I had a new FS with the new style mount, and wanted the highest level of security for my motor, I would switch to the old style mount. They are availbale, but hard to find. A classy boat like the FS shouldn't be reduced to being chained together. The pictures below show my modified motor mount.
Picture #1, compares the original board to the new mahogany board. Note, it is 1 1/4 inches higher than the original board to keep the motor from dragging in the water when it is in the raised poistion.
Picture #2, shows the side view of the mount and the aluminum plate which is sandwiched and expoxied between the two boards. This will prevent someone from sawing the motor off. I think it looks good also!
Picture #3, shows the back view and the aluminum wear plate for the motor's securing clamps.
Picture #4, show the front view again and the anti tamper proof security nuts. Three more of these nuts are used to secure all the elements of the mount together as well as secure the mount to the boat.
I made a template of this mount so I could reproduce the board if anyone wants to buy a copy.

Here are photos of the motor mount:

WOW, you really went the extra mile to protect that motor! It will be easier to take the entire boat than to try to get that motor off. Question: did you spend more money on the bolts and cover than the motor? :-)

Thanks for the info on the source of the bolts. That will work for me. I am thinking of only purchasing one so that the mount cant be taken off. I will still use the change and lock. You can hardly notice the chain.