buying a used boat


I have sailed a Laser for several years. I took a week of sailing lessons using a FS this summer at Chautauqua, NY.

I'd like to buy a FS. I looked at one built in 1958 (#115) yesterday. Asking price $2500. The shape is fair.

Am I looking for trouble buying a 50 year old boat (since I am a FS newbie?).



J. Karp

Take time to review the Flying Scot website about buying a used scot. Hull softness and delamination caused by moisture in the balsa core is the biggest issue to watch out for. However,Flying Scot number 1 is still sailing.

M Jones
FS 2450

Yes, older Flying Scots are still competitive and can be trouble free. Like M Jones said, check out the Flying Scot website - the "How To" section. What to look for in a used Scot and the cost for different repairs is very informative. Be sure to check out their advice on used trailers also. Consider getting additional advice from a local FS sailor that can review the boat with you.

How much will it cost to get # 115 from "fair" shape to "good" shape? What is the condition of the bottom? Do you plan to wet or dry sail? Is racing in the picture?

The folks at Flying Scot are very helpful. They helped with my search for a used Scot. Core problems are very costly - avoid soft core boats. But so are replacement sails and other parts. Consider the whole picture with your sailing goals and budget. The good thing about Flying Scots is that they hold their value if you buy smart and take reasonable care of it.

Fair winds,
Andy FS 4957

Age is no detriment in the FS. Mine is 45 years old and doing fine. I've owned it since 1984.
FS367 Chin up

I recently read an article that suggested, that when looking for a used boat to buy, you are also buying the previous owner. I thought about for a while, and realized just how true that statement really is! You wouldn't want to buy a house from someone that didn't take of it, or a used car without documentation of proper maintenance. The same is true of a FS. I bought a used FS (4278)after looking at five other FS at our club and couldn't have made a better decision. The previous owner not only kept the boat in tip top condition, but also made all the updated improvemnets. Having said all that, the old saying still applies, "buy the best boat you can, with the money you have." I would suggest that you even exceed your budget alittle bit, you won't be sorry you did. Don't forget to also include all the equipment that goes with the deal in your calculations, ie trailer, accessories, boat lift, boat cover etc.