Double Jib Sheet

Just getting use to our new 5372 and wondered what wind speed is the double jib sheet recommended (do most have both and just changeout when needed/desired). We were sailing around 10 kt wind and my wife had no trouble with the single jib sheet. We don't want to bother with more line unless recommended like for 15 kts etc. Appreciate the advice. Also she was wondering why the jib cam cleat does not have an eyestrap keeper after the turning block on the deck. I guess she can just get used to it....other daysailors cam cleats were not open like this.

Jim, I think this is a matter largely of personal preference. Obviously, the 2:1 purchase has advantages in heavy air, but I see pictures all the time of Scots rigged that way even in the light stuff. I own the bridle and sheets, but never used them this summer.


I use the 2:1 all the tme, as I have the fixed end permanently attached to the base of the jib block on the track. I can leave the bridle with the blocks on the jib all the time.

I turn off the rackets in light air.

My crew never seems to mind the length of line to trim.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

I have just added the deck mounted jib sheet cleats to our FS, which were previously mounted on the benches. I have missed the cam cleat several times due to no eyestraps and was wondering why they don't use the eyestraps that you see on other boats. I've been told it is because it would be harder to release the sheets with the eyestraps. Either way, they do have different height eyestraps available. I don't see the problem with the taller straps.