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We recently purchased a used Scot (5095). The club boat we had sailed this summer had a rudder lift. Our boat does not. It seems like a useful addition. But before I buy the kit, I wanted to know what pros and cons there are to consider.

I trailer my Scot (4957) so the rudder lift makes it easier for me. The rudder can be fitted on the transom fitting while the Scot is on the trailer. The rudder can be in the up position during the launch. This eliminates the balancing act to mount the rudder while the Scot is in the water and / or adjusting the rudder angle or bolt tension.

The rudder lift is also a nice feature if you sail in shallow water. The current drought has put our lake at low levels. So on certain occasions, it was handy

If you moor your Scot and then it is questionable if the convienance is really needed. If you miss the rudder lift on your club boat, then it appears that you should consider it for you new Scot. The lift kit is also very easy to install. My 2 cents worth. [:D]

I made a lift system for my last boat, a 2005 Precision 18.5 which is basically like the one on my recently purchased Scot 5372. The Scot lift works fine but I noticed the lift line anchors/attaches to the rudder head by simply a knot thru a hole drilled in the stainless steel plate. It would be better if the line tied off to "U" shackle which was held by clevis pin. This way the shackle would pivot but the line would have not chafe as mine has in the plate hole.


I agree with you. I installed a U shackel also. I believe Flying Scot now sells a short wire with forked fittings, P/N 330830 that is included with the rudder lift kit. This prevents the chafe and provides a better rigging. [:)]

FS 4957

If the boat is sailed in salt water, a stainless steel shackle and pin will corrode the hole in the aluminum rudder blade, eventually eating away at the less noble metal, the aluminum.
The metals can be isolated from one another with a plastic bushing and plastic washers, but using a thin piece of dacron and replacing it once a season is the way I go.


Thanks for the tip. I will be in some salt water next season and this is something that I was not aware.

FS 4957

I made a rudder lift system for my Scot years before FS marketed one as sailing in the Great South Bay off Long Island, NY made it a necessity. I wouldn't sail without it since at times the weeds out there are like sailing through the Sargasso Sea! This year I updated it with the stainless steel line from FS so I was interested to hear about how salt water would affect it. I will add those features to the system this winter. Thanks for the tip.
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