Should we buy new cover?

We just acquired hull #2360 and she came to us with a cover that looks like it could be original. It's extremely dirty and very stiff. My question - is it still useable and can it be cleaned? Or should we just buy a new one. I'd love any advice on cleaning and preserving it as I don't really want to buy a new one.

Buy a new cover that is easy to use and will stay put on your boat when not in use. A good quality cover, such as those from Sailor's Tailor and K Industries, will not only keep you boat clean, but make sailing a Flying Scot more pleasurable. When you are done sailing, putting the boat away and putting on your cover, don't think of it as putting your boat away but getting it ready for your next sail. A good cover helps you acheive this. Good quality covers last 5 to 7 years easily.

Michael Mittman
FS# 5804

Michael Mittman
FS# 5804, Fleet 23
Corinthian Sailing Club
White Rock Lake
Dallas, TX

I would second Mike's advice, buy a new cover. I have a Sailor's Tailor towing/mooring cover and think it's one of the best investments I've made. It fits great, it's easy to use and being a trailor sailor it works and holds up well on the road. I actually put a tarp over the boat, cover and all, to try to extend the life of the cover, seems to be working. They're not cheap but think of it as an investment and an opportunity cost. You just roll back the cover and the boats ready to go, a lot less cleaning, buffing, waxing (if you wax your hull). My next investment is going to be a full bottom cover from the same company.


quote:[i]Originally posted by lrkight[/i]
[br]I'd love any advice on cleaning and preserving it as I don't really want to buy a new one.

Since the others are advising you to buy a new one, you can't really go wrong with trying to clean the cover. I would hose it off first, then lay flat out and scrub it with a brush and some detergent. Dish detergent, car wash soap, ... something along that way. I'm not sure what works best. You could try them out on some small part.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA