Sailing off a buoy mooring

I tried keeping my FS on a lift this year at our lake and found it difficult to bring the boat into the lift being the wind was always blowing into the lift from the south. I am thinking about sailing off a buoy and using a tender to access the buoy. I would be interested in any thoughts on this issue or any experiences that can be shared.

I'm doing the same thing next season. The annual rate for the mooring and the dinghy pound is a lot less expensive than the dock slip I've been paying for. Granted I'll be purchasing the mooring tackle and building the dinghy, but over time I'll make out.

Also, the idea is attractive to me because the water around the docks is very weed choked from mid-season on, and I too like the idea of being able to pick the buoy up with less concern for wind direction.

I'll add that I feel the boat will be a bit more secure moored out.