Bunk placement and shape for a lift

Hello All,

I have ordered my Scot. Im excited to get it!

Im planning on keeping it on a boat lift. I have searched old messages looking for a good design for the bunks that it will sit on, on the lift. Looking at pics of the trailer, the outside bunks simply look like flat 2 x 6's, however the boat is also supported along the centerline by a series of rollers.

What is the most ideal setup for bunks on a lift?

Peter Dubé

The factory did have "cradle" instructions as follows:


If you plan to store your Flying Scot on a lift or a cradle, we recommend that all of the weight be carried by the center raised keel portion of the hull. One cross support under the mast step and the other under the aft portion of the centerboard trunk will support the boat where the hull is stiffest and least likely to deform. Fore and aft supports should be installed to stabilize the boat, but not to carry any significant amount of weight. when the boat is rocked, a small amount of light should be visible between the boat and the fora and aft supports.

I do not believe I have ever seen a lift set up this way, but it appears this is the proper way to do it. Just like the trailer, kind of. What material would you think would be best to build this out of? Simple carpeted lumber? I guess that would work. I also need to get the proper angle for the fore and aft supports.

What do you guys with lifts have?


Peter Dubé

Well, Harry is pretty insistant about this. Support the boat by the keel area below the mast and at the aft end of the CB trunk. The side bunks are used just to keep the boat centered and upright.

So thats it, that is the way to go.