Recently the small sail track on a (older) broke loose (hold the boom vang to the boom). This is a much older style than currently in use. I was able to get a replacement piece along with three rivets from
Flying Scot store.

I do not have experience in using this type of rivet (is not a pop rivet) can anyone give a quick lession in how to install it?


John Blanchard
Exeter, RI FS#618

I had the same issue on my Scot (1976 Douglas), I tried to replace the rivets with good stainless rivets; they just didn't hold. What I eventually did was replace the track with a bale, similar to what is on newer boats. It's another trip to the parts store, but I think it's a better set up. I attached the bale with stainless, self tapping screws and I split the difference as far as where to put the bale. I put pop-rivets in the holes left by the old track, more from a cosmetic stand point than anything else. Not sure this answers your question, but hopefully will save you some time and frustration. [:)]


Bruce thanks for the advise but this has already cost me $19.30 so i'd like to at least try it. Do I just hammer the rivet in? (I've never used them much before)


John Blanchard
Exeter, RI

Flying Scot has told me to Just set the rivet in the hole and hammer the stem until it is flush. This will expand the rivet. So looks I'm good to go.

John Blanchard