new running rigging

It is time to upgrade the running rigging on 4861. What size and type line do you recommend for the various applications.

Main Sheet?
Jib Sheet?
Spinnaker Sheet?
Light Spinnaker Sheet?
Control Lines?


I use the following on my boat, all my sheets and lines are "New England Ropes Sta-Set lines. They're good lines and reasonably priced. For the main I use the length in the official diagram. Jib sheets I doubled the length and took off 3 feet (I have a 2:1 jib set up), spinnaker sheets I used the official diagram, spinnaker halyard & topping lift I have led aft so I measured the rough lengths and added a "fudge factor". I actually cut the spinnaker halyard a little short and had to put a new one on this spring. I like to be able to stuff a few feet down into the turtle and leave the halyard attached to the head of the spinnaker while I'm racing - once less thing to mess with as your round the windward mark.

Main Sheet - 60' of 7/16 in. I like the thicker sheet because it's easier to hold. I rarely cleat the main so with the thicker line my hands tend to not tire as quickly. It's a lot better in heavy air.

Jib Sheet - I have a 2:1 sheet set-up and use two different sets of sheets; 1/4 in for light air, 5/16 for moderate to heavy air. You have to take the chance that your guessing right for the day, but the 1/4 in is good till about 12 knots of wind. At that point my crew tends to wish we put the 5/16 on.

Spinnaker sheets - I only use one set without brummels, 1/4 in. A little heavier than some I've seen out there, but since you trim constantly it's easier to hold and in heavy air, I'm glad I have a little extra thickness

Control lines I'm assuming you mean the Spinnaker halyard and topping lift, vang, outhaul & cunningham; I use 1/4 on the pole down haul, outhaul & cunningham, and 5/16 on the halyard, topping lift and vang, but am debating going down to 1/4 in on the halyard. But since I just replaced these at the beginning of this season, I may keep it. I find the 5/16 easier to use. [:)]