basic deck lay out

evening all, I am the Fleet Master (handy man) for my sailing club at North Carolina State University. we have two flying scots and I would like to set both boats up with the same deck layout, so new club members can go sailing, and older members can fly a spin from time to time. We bought both boats second hand and they are laid out very differently.

Does anybodyhave any drawnings of the basic deck lay out with placement of the jib /spin blocks and jammers ect. I would also love to know what all the rigging is on the center board trunk as we currently only use the main sheet and the vang.

Any help here would be really appreiated.


Ashley Gallant

You have a very good resource right in your backyard. The Carolina Sailing Club has a very nice fleet of Flying Scots and interested members who would be glad to help you. Check out or e-mail

John McLaughlin
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