jib sheeting options for single handing

Hello fellow FS sailors!

I will be ordering a new Scot for late fall delivery. I will be primarily single handing the boat.

I am fretting about having the factory install the best system for jib control while single handing.

Deck and seat clutter is a concern. I will be using the 2:1 option.

I guess I am leaning towards the standard system with a leeward cleat. But I wonder if a windward cleat would be better.

Also Gallus 102 has an interesting system with the ratchet block on the jib track and no deck blocks or cleats.

All ideas and comments will be appreciated!!


I know single-handers who simply tie the ends of the jib sheets together. It makes it easy to grab other sheet and can be easily changed when you have crew aboard.

Jon Hamilton

Jon Hamilton
Rudder Club of Jacksonville FL
FS 5502


Yes, I plan on having a continuous jib sheet. You never lose the end that way. It helps even when you have crew as the sheet is always at your feet or side. Thanks.


Check with the factory for what they did for me on #5580 in 2004. Harken blocks with cam cleats and rollers set a bit more aft than usual have worked excellently for me.

Lake Norman, NC

The jib-sheet system that was referenced in the first post was designed to 1) use the minimum ammount of hardware, and 2) keep the seats and deck as clean as possible. It works on both accounts and I've single-handed with it many times.

There is another approach you could try: Hans Noordanus rigged his jib sheets down through the seat and then out through the seat lip. It would use a bit more hardware (two more blocks and a fairlead per side), but is very clean looking and has the advantage of locating the jib sheet nearly mid-cockpit. I think this would be a good alternative for single-handing (and Hans certainly sails pretty fast with it!) Check with factory on how they built this one.