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Anyone out there know anything about shipping FS in 20 foot containers? Can two fit in such a container (with trailers)?Javascript:insertsmilie('[:)]')

I think there would be two problems:
1 - Each mast is 23+ feet (I forget the exact length).
2 - The trailer would have to be modified such that you could move the hull position far forward (the trailer tongue normally extends 2-3 feet beyond the bow of the boat), or the trailers would have to be disassembled and stored against the container walls.

If the trailers were disassembled, and the boats mounted on racks, and the masts shipped separately, it could be done. But it would be tight.

dave boling
Huntsville, AL

Dave's right about the trailer tongue ... and the Scot mast is 25' 7 1/4"

That's not to say that you couldn't arrange truck shipping, but I don't think a container will work.


Ask eppler how he got his Flying Scot to Israel. I haven't seen him around for a while so you might want to try sending him an email.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

I believe it is possible to ship two Flying Scots in a trailer, especially if the Trailex aluminum trailer is used. Just removing the tires on the aluminum trailer gets you 7 inches, remove the axle and springs you get much more. The aluminum trailer structural components are extruded aluminum, making it very easy to move parts around, especially the trailer winch stancion. What I would look at doing is placing the bottom Flying Scot on its trailer with the entire axle and wheel assembly removed. Stack the next boat on top, then place the second trailer on top. Get specs for the two boat cradle assembley with mast / boom holder from Flying Scot Inc.

Contact me directly if you need photos of the stacked Flying Scot arrangement.

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