Rigging Parts Q's

Just got our 5372 a few weeks ago and preparing misc before put-in.

1. I don't have any of those SS inverted "J" pieces on the sidestays base....what are they for....I have spinnaker and gear...is it for that..should there be one with the boat?
2. I have a rope that T's off with a spliced-on Harken small block on each end....what is this for?
3. I don't have a cunningham....is that a necessary item....have always had one in other boats?

Thanks in advance for your input/help.

1 The inverted SS J's are to hook the spinnaker guy under. If your boat doesn't have them, look for low-profile hooks, with a little rubbber finger that keeps the guy in the hook, screwed to the deck near the chainplate. The open side should be toward the gunwale. To use the spinnaker, you will need guy hooks, of either type.

2 The rope that T's is probably a bridle for the clew of the jib. The blocks allow the jib sheets to be run 2:1. The fixed end starts at the base of the block on the jib track, goes forward to the small block on the bridle, and returns to run through the block on the track.

From there, there are options depending on whether you have seat cleats or blocks mounted on the side decks for your jibb sheets.

3 You will want a cunningham if you sail in windy conditions. My boat had a very simple cunningham, which was entirely on the mast, so you may have missed it if you are looking in the hull.

There are several ways to run the cunningham, and which you use really depends on how experienced your crew is. A lot of skippers run everything aft, so that they can tweak controls, independent of the skill of the crew.

Have fun,

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

Hey Phil,
Could you please send me some photos of your mast placed cunningham....I would value your expertise here? I would appreciate it. On other boats I just had an eyestrap on one side of the mast and a horned cleat on the other side...worked fine....and of course, a grommet in the luff of the main. Also on my last Precision 185 daysailor there were small blocks on the jib clue for 2:1 jib sheets.

shugart --

Flying Scot sailors have found lots of ways to tailor running rigging to their preferences ... even if Phil isn't able to send you a photo, you may want to check out this site ...


It'll show you many of the myriad modifications you can consider to make performance or convenience changes to your boat, including the cunningham.

Regards ... get that boat wet!