Keep the big boat or go with a FS?

Hello ! Looking for advice on the FS. I currently own a C&C27 that I can only get out on 5-6 times a season. A lot of time and expense involved for only a limited number of times out on the water.

I would like something that is fun, fast(how fast), safe for the kids (ages 8 and 13) and has an active racing community. If it is a boat I can singlehand I would be able to get out a lot more often. Is the FS going to meet that requirement? Would I be making a mistake by downsizing?

Any help out there would be appreciated!!

Do you live in an area where there is an active fleet? Is a Scot more appropriate to your sailing situation?

Easy to trailer.
Easy in and out of water.
Relatively fast.
Dry sail?

Certainly a Scot is easier to trailer, launch, store than the C&C.

If there is a decent fleet nearby and cooking or sleeping aboard is not a desire, then a Scot is likely to be more fun, especially if you like to race.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

CF62 --

I'm kinda biased ... I'm one of those people who can't imagine the logistics, expense and maintenance of a larger boat when there are options like the Scot for weekend daysailing and racing.

Regarding racing, you'll want to check out if there's a fleet near you, and you can do that on this site.

Regarding easy, fun, safe for the kids: you can't go wrong. Fast? Well maybe not so much, but there are plenty of opportunities to refine your speed-seeking techniques and to get the most out of the boat, and a Scot on plane is a hoot.


Yes, I do have a fleet nearby at the West River Sailing Club (on the Chesapeake). I am looking into joining that.

FAST - I am sure it is a bit faster than the C&C - which never seams to go faster than 6-7 knots in heavy wind.

Daysailing and racing are the objectives here, as well as singlehanding when I can't find anybody to go out with.

Thanks for the advice....


I strongly recommend you visit Selby Bay Sailing Center in Edgewater, MD ( should be close to you. The owners are from long-time FS families, and their facilities are almost exclusively for FS...they are an authorized FS dealer, and often have used boats too. I've had my Scot there for almost a year and it's been a great place to learn, race, and sail...there is also a FS fleet based out of Selby Bay, and they race most Wednesday evenings in the summer...

Keith (FS4049)

Ahoy, I just purchased 5372 a few weeks ago but this is our 6th sailboat since 1982. We had a 1992 Hunter 27 which we sold in fall 2004 because we knew we just daysailed and got tired of all the upkeep of cleaning and maintaining and didn't need a head, galley, and bed. I have raced a few times on a FS and rented one once for half day out of Duck in Outer Banks. In 2004 we bought a Precision 185 but found it too unstable and more of a lightweight performance boat and good for racing but not for taking out non-sailors or children. I almost bought a FS in 2004 but all the advertising for the P185 and modern stuff hooked me. I tried everything I could think of to make the P185 better (my modifications posted to their website) and finally decided enough was enough...we just want to have "fun" sailing with everybody we know or like or love.....and it be easy. So our 2001 FS will ready soon to put in the state park marina slip (floating dock) and we will be ready to sail her for about 20 years.....intended to be our last sailboat. I will be glad to talk off line if you wish about this subject. I am totally sold on FS's. We started on daysailos/dingys and then went to two keel trailerable and used everywhere and the other not trailerable. Can't wait to enjoy this Scot.
Good luck in your pursuits.
Jim (Virginia)

Hey, thanks for the input. It sounds like you feel good about your decision and don't regret not having a bigger boat. As sad as it is to sell a boat, I think it makes sense.

All we do is daysail with the kids, and I would like to join an active fleet for racing. I am going to look forwrd to getting a FS.

Thanks again!

BTW, were do you sail in Virginia??


In Virginia, we sail in Claytor Lake and have a slip in the State Park Marina which is about 32 miles from the house in Blacksburg (35 minutes)....where VT is. There is a very active racing org that is informal and fun....with a great mixture of boats. From '94-'04 we sailed out of VISA in Smith Mountain Lake but that lake got too busy with large/fast powerboats plus it was 1h25m drive. At Claytor Lake the elevation is 1700 ft so we have to take the boats out for 3 months due to freezing. Good luck to you.