Transporting a FS from NH to Fla

Hi. Im considering purchasing a used FS in New Hampshire. I will need to transport it to Florida this fall. Does anyone know of a good way to arrange transportation from the North East to Florida.



A few years ago I had a C25 hauled from MN to KY. After much research I found these 3 companies (no affliation to me at all):

1 -- Cross Country in Hastings MN -- (651)437-2454
2 -- Haul a Boat -- (866) 590-1156
3 -- PK Boat Transport -- (423)351-143

I wound up using Haul a Boat. But here are some things you should know:

A -- they charge by the mile.
B -- if they are on their way near your pick up location, you can negoitate
C -- Once you have a quote, call the others for a better price. They will compete for your business.
D -- Make sure that the tires and trailer are in good condition before pick up.