Motor recommendations

I find that my Minkota 30 lb thrust electric trolling motor is no longer adequate to power me thru the increasingly weed infested harbor that I sail out of.......Any recommendations for horsepower or manufactorer.......I know alot of folks use the Honda four stroke 2 hp model......I am wondering if 2 horsepower is enough to blast thru the weeds........Does anybody have success with a larger electric motor?.......Steve Ungberg

I have used a Cruise N Carry 6500 which is a 1.5HP air cooled two stroke. With 4 adults on the Scot it was pushing it to over 5mph on the ocean at full throttle. Weighs about 12 pounds so it is very transportable (though its 'tiller' wasn't foldable) and it can be taken out of gear and pivots in one direction for reverse. Downside is it is a 2 stroke at 25:1 so it was smokey and it was *loud*. Because of its tiny 2 blade prop it had to turn pretty fast to push the Scot but pushed it well then.

I ended up selling that and picking up a new Suzuki DF2.5HP for $550. This is a really nice engine. 4 stroke so no smoke and much better fuel economy, much much quieter, water cooled, pivots up on the Scot when not being used, can lock the steering and throttle so you can use the Scot tiller if desired. Also has a transmission and pivots 360 for reverse. Weights about 30 pounds but has a nice handle on it for carrying and its tiller can fold to be inline with the shaft. This has a large 3 blade prop and it pushes the Scot easily. At about 1/4 throttle it has the Scot going around 5mph more throttle beyond that point doesn't really give much more speed as I don't think it can plane the Scot. Some reviews say the Suzuki's tend to perform better then their HP rating.

The Honda is supposed to be a nice engine too but I've read that it is fairly loud due to it being air cooled. It costs more and I think is maybe 2 pounds lighter then the Suzuki.