I'm interested in increasing the mechanical advantage on the outhaul.
I do not race.
The current rig consists of an outhaul tied to rhe clew, then running aft to a block on the boom, then forward to a jam cleat under the boom at about the midway point.
This setup requires a great pulling on the outhaul to tighten the foot.
Thank you for your suggestions.

Shackle a block to the clew, dead-end the line at the end of the boom either with an eye strap or becket block, run thru the clew block, thru the end-boom block and then forward to your cleat. You are now 2:1 whereas you were 1:1 before.

Alternatively, the internal outhaul kit from Flying Scot,Inc. comes with all parts and instructions to convert to an efficient system inside the boom that is 3:1. They also offer a 6:1 external kit. I find the folks at FS, Inc to be your best resource in improving the functioning of your Scot.

Bob New
FS 5143
Merritt Island Florida
Fleet Captain Fleet 179