Best way to turn over a Scot to do bottom repairs

Could someone please tell me the easiest/safest way to turn over a scot to do bottom work and repairs. Thanks.

This is the best description that I have seen.

I've done this many times off non-tilt trailers, both the older high trailers and the newer low aluminum trailer.

1. Select an area of soft lawn, preferably with a tree or post within 10 feet of where the stern will be.

2. Step the mast and tighten the rig using the jib halyard to the bow eye or the jib tack fitting.

3. Place a cushion under the stern where it will hit the ground.

4. Tie a stout line from both stern rings around the tree. Tighten this line.

5. Release the winch line and raise the front of the trailer slightly while pulling it forward. The stern line will get the boat started off the trailer. When the stern will hit the ground, lever the trailer and pull to complete the slide off.

6. The back roller braces may tend to dig into the ground, so constant levering is needed. Take care that the trailer is not allowed to spring up and hit you in this process.

The boat will eventually come off and sit nicely on the ground.

To roll the boat, place several cushions or a folded quilt about 18" away from the boat along the side you are going to roll toward. This is for the rail to rest on.

Tie a long line in a loose loop around the mast. Hook the main halyard to this loop and crank it up to the shroud attachment. Lock the winch... back away from the boat and pull it over. Place a weight on the top of the mast to keep it on the ground.

Getting the boat back on the trailer is reverse of the off-loading. Release the tree line. Put the end roller under the bow, connect the winch and crank while levering the trailer to keep it from digging into the ground.

Bob New
FS 5143
Merritt Island Florida
Fleet Captain Fleet 179