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I have just purchased a flying scot that needed some work. Can anyone tell me where the hull # might be ? It is not on the trunk cap or any where on the transom, It is not on underside of tiller handle( as I found on one of our club boats)It is not on masthead or boom as was suggested. A past previous owner belives the boat to be in the 1200's but can't remember. There may be some paperwork with the boat but I havn't recieved any yet. I am new to scot sailing and club racing and am having a blast. Any help would be apprec thanks

On 4861 the "hidden" number is covered by the centerboard gasket forward of centerboard.

nope not under gasket either. I got the title today boat is from 1971 is the hull# in the ID# flzk8423c971 ?

This may be a rather basic suggestion but have you the sails that go with the boat? Unless the former owner bought someone else's sails the sail number is the same as the hull number. Or if you know who bought the boat new you can trace it through FS.

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quote:Originally posted by Richard Lewis
...sail number is the same as the hull number.

As far as I know this is not true. When registering my boat with DNR I needed to specify the hull number and not the sail number. I'm not sure anymore but I think it was in-printed in the fiberglass on the transom. Call FS Inc. and ask them where the location for the number is.

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I guess this is a number that I have never seen any reference to in any of the FS literature I have. I thought there was only the number on the centerboard cap, which is the same as the sail number. Do you know what the purpose of the number you are looking for is? I would be interested in knowing more.

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Here's a note I received from FS in answer to my question about the hull number -

New boats have the sail number in the centerboard cap plus the hull id number required by the Coast Guard molded into the transom. The hull id number is also molded in at a hidden location under the centerboard gasket on the hull as per Coast Guard requirements. The hull id number is not related to the sail number. The last four digits of the hull id number indicate the month and year of manufacture and the model year of the boat. This number was not required prior to 1976 so older Flying Scots had only the sail number. For some years, Gordon Douglass Scots had the work order number hand written on the balsa under the aft deck of the boat.

Harry Carpenter

Flying Scot, Inc.
157 Cemetery Street
Deer Park, MD 21550

Since my FS was built in 1962 there was never any mention of these numbers in any of the papers that came with the boat.

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Have you asked Harry Carpenter?

No number on the CB trunk cap, or on the sails?

Do you know who the builder is? Customflex, Gordon Douglass or other?

Does Harry have an idea of who the builder is, from the serial number?

If anyone knows, it would be Harry or maybe Eric Amman, who sometimes answers the phone at FS Inc on Saturday mornings.

Phil Scheetz
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I just bought Hull # 287 I am the third owner and I met the 2nd owner, I would like to know the original owner and stuff about where he sailed it and why he bought a scot. I just thought it would be cool to have sort of a ships log with the previous owners and where they sailed. Ya know how the saying goes " If these walls could talk" well, I like to have a record of the boat " If the boat could talk" it would say these things... Anyone knw the original owner of hull # 287 please respond..

marty, call Flying Scot at the number on their web site and ask them they will have the info of the originial owner if it was a Douglass Scot. I did that in 2005 when i needed to get a duplicate bill of sale form the originial owner of #618 inorder to register in state of Rhode Island ...............long story, I am the second owner of #618 which i purchased in 1970

john blanchard

My title copy states it was built in 1962 also. hull # 287, built by customflex. I will look around and see if I see other areas with the hull number. is there any chart stating when a hull no. was built?
Marty in Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana