I Hate Tape

I hate taping the shrouds and forestay, so here is my solution. Get a roll of double-sided Velcro from Lowe's or West Marine (it is 1/2" x 12') Cut a 4" strip for each pin you need to tape. Put a hole about 1" from one end (I use a wood-burner, but a leather punch would do as well). Insert the pin through the Velcro then pin the shroud or forstay, secure with a split ring then wrap the Velcro to cover the fitting. I had to use a longer pin in one instance... I have 2 on each shroud and one on the forestay. It is neat and secure but can be easily disconnected for trailering.

Bob New
FS 5143
Merritt Island Florida
Fleet Captain Fleet 179

What a great idea!