Water in Centerboard Trunk

New owner...I installed a new centerboard gasket. It seemed to be very tight on oneside and firm on the other.
I Took the boat out the first time and did not notice any water in trunk. 2nd time out there was definatley water in the trunk.
How much if any water is considered to be OK. Setting the boat up to race.
If no water than do I need to reinstall gasket?


I believe that the centerboard gasket is intended more to improve the fairness of the hull (vs. the gap that would exist without the gasket), than keep water out of the trunk. If I could hear the sound of turbulent water inside the trunk, which would indicate significant drag caused by the centerboard aperture, I might be inclined to re-examine the gasket installation.

dave boling
Huntsville, AL

Since the centerboard well extends below the water line it is natural that there should be water there. The gasket is not watertight and is there only to facilitate and improve water movement past the well as you sail.
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