How do I put a shine back on my hull ?

My Flying Scot is about 14 yearws old and the gel coat has become dull with age. My question is how do I get a shine back on the hull? Any specific products ?

Been there done that. My boat is a 1984, #4278. The hull and deck needed attention in the worst way to be ship shape. The UV rays had done a job! First let me say that there is no quick solution! However, it not hard to do and the results are well worth the effort. It took me approximatley 30 hrs total, but the boat look all most new. I sent away for several articles, including one from DIY Boating and followed the intsuctions exactly. Basically there are seveal steps: #1 wash the boat to remove all contaminants, using a good brush/boat wash. Then wash it again using a Scotch-Brite pad. Followed by wet sanding, using 800-1000 grit. Now use rubbing compound. Now wax the boat followed by a good UV protectant.Your boat will look like new and stay that way for a long time. Again "DIY Boating" and another source is Fiberglass Technologies Inc, Tel 865 932 3708 have articles that will better detail the steps.

I forgot to mention that when I "Detailed" my boat this year I also took the opportunity to put new registration number and pin strips on the side as well as paint the boot strip. I used custom made numbers and letter from a sign company, approximately $100.00. The time and effort I put into making the boat look good again, wasn't going to be tarnished by cheap mail box type numbers. The final results are better than I expected, several people commented that they thought it was a new boat. One last suggestion, I also purchased a new boat cover, you know one that cover 100% of the boat. This will help protect the Gelcoat from the UV rays that over time damage the finish.

...any photos to show off your hard work?

Keith (FS4049)

Today I Compound my boat. Tomorrow I will wetsand. Hull #287 has been stored indoors but the years had taken some of the luster away. I bought Polishing paste and Rubbing compound, My hull is yellow and the polish is white, The rubbing compound is a burnt red. The hull has lots of tiny surface scratches in certain areas of the hull. won't be very difficult to remove with a little wet sanding, but you have to look hard to find the scratches, but when I used the burnt red rubbing compond the residue went into the tiny scratches. the color contrast made the scratches pop out and now I know where to wetsand and where not to wetsand. This didn't happened when I used the white polising paste. I will polish the entire hull before waxing and man for an almost 50 year old boat it is really glossy. I do plan on Painting the hull and deck with a two part polyurthane paint this winter, maybe do some cool graphics i donno.... I know my method seemed backwards but it really does identify the scratches and tells you where you can focus on sanding.. no need to sand the entire hull....
I really like my Scot. I only took her out once, but I will be sailing soon..
I've been handrubbing tongue oil on all my wooden parts, really starting to look great but will take many coats to get the desired luster...
I also spot polised the mast, man it almost looks chrome, Don't know if I will polish the whole mast and boom, But it would really stand out if I did....
Marty on Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana

What product did you use for polishing the Mast and Boom?

Bonny & Doug Smith

When I spot polished the mast I used a regular 2 bucks a can rubbing compound it took off all the flat gray finish off and became like chrome sort of like aircraft aluminum real shinny. So I did the top 4 ft of the mast. I realize the shinny look will be short lived without putting some sort of protectice coating....(wax)
Marty Dufour of FS287 i Lake Pontchartrain..
PS I am still compounding and polishing the hull it takes many hours and I and so tired of doing it... But I will get this done...I like working on my boat but I am slower but I try to do it as best as I can.
Been thinking about how do I rig up all my lines like the newer boats. when I go the 287 it was missing a boom vang....and a block for the spinpole hayard.. Why are spin Sheets are blocked so far aft?

At last year's Annapolis Sailboat Show, I discovered what a lot sailors already know about.....FLITZ polish. It is expensive for a pint can but boy does it do wonders for practically anything. On our recently purchased 5372 (2001), the mast was rough and old looking so Flitz made it look very good but did not remove anything to harm it and this product also leaves a protective coating. Flitz has a website, go read it. I think most boaters were buying it for their brightwork....I use it all around the house on everything. But can't use it on anything with a varnish over metal like table lamp. I asked the salesman what material gives it the amazing rubbing effect and he sail he heard it was very small aluminum particles or beads. It doesn't take much to do any job. No....I do not represent them. :-)